Deep learning as a service for maximizing margins

Proven 20%+ performance lift

Supply Chain

Boost your supply chain efficiency and margin competitiveness by uncovering insights from your wealth of supply chain and production data. Leverage the power of deep learning for supply chain risk management, inventory forecasting, event prediction and product defect detection.

Minimize Costs

Increase Response Times

Manage Risks

Customer Experience

Deliver your customers a high level of cognitive personalization and always display the optimal offerings. With artificial intelligence, continuously learn from every interaction and improve results automatically.

Improve Conversion Rate

Increase Revenue per Visit

Optimize Pricing

DeepVu continuously learns and improves over time
Intelligent Supply Chain

Increase margins and reduce costs

  • vuGraph

    Supply chain risk management decisions, analyzes data from multiple suppliers to identify anomalies and other custom needs

  • vuPredict

    inventory forecasting and event prediction with a high level of accuracy

  • vuMatch

    product defect detection, uses AI for visual recognition of an image or video

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Intelligent Customer Experience

Proven 20%+ revenue per visit lift

  • vuMatch

    “You may also like” recommendations, uses AI for visual recognition of an image and does not require meta data

  • vuStyle

    “Complete the look” with ensemble recommendations, provides smart cross-category results that are typically very manual

  • vuGraph

    Behavioral recommendations for a high level of personalization based on an individual profile

  • vuPredict

    Optimal pricing and promotions for maximizing profitability

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Why DeepVu?

Real Time

Get insights in real-time. DeepVu analyzes data streams as they arrive.

Deep Learning

The most advanced form of artificial intelligence. Handles complexities that traditional analytics cannot.

Full Stack

A solution for back-office supply chain and front-end customer experience.


No feature-engineering work or rule updates needed. DeepVu will scale as your business grows.

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