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DeepVu enables brands to offer cognitive personalized user-experiences (ai-Commerce) that inspire shoppers and maximize revenue.
Brands use DeepVu's full-stack deep-learning solution for AI-merchandizing, AI-powered style assistants, behavioral personalization, visual-recommendations, and visual product design.

vuMatch Visual Commerce

DeepVu offers two solutions:

a) VuMatch: Boost engagement and maximize conversion lift with VuMatch's compelling visual similarity recommendations that capture design-patterns and the user's style preference.

b)Visual Show-rooming: Integrate DeepVu's mobile SDK into your app. Shoppers snap photos of products they like, and DeepVu Recognizes the objects and refers aspiring shoppers to your product page, enabling "showrooming" and cross-channel ai-commerce.

VuMatch API

vuStyle AI Style Assistant

Inspire your shoppers to create chic ensembles and quickly discover items that give their look extra oomph. vuStyle is your AI style assistant that uses visual intelligence to match design style across categories offering "complete the look" recommendations. For example matching a dress's design style and cut with a handbag, cardigan, and heels.

DeepVu Complete the Look API

vuGraph Behavioral Personalization

eCommerce companies spend vast percentage of their marketing budgets on traffic acquistion, yet conversion rates are 1% or less due to lack of relevance and responsivenss to the customer's behavior. Everyone of your shoppers is unique! When a shopper interacts with your app/site, every user action signifies persona attributes and informs likely intent. Furthermore, there are numerous valuable signals in the data provided by marketing companies. DeepVu crunches these native and marketing signals, including DMP signals, to train a behavioral intelligence neural network that powers multiple APIs for aiCommerce personalization. The vuGraph APIs include personalized behavioral recommendations (recommended for you), likely intent, email retargeting, and persona-similarity to optimize the shopper's cognitive commerce user-experience and maximize conversion. vuGraph also powers smarter prospecting upward in the traffic acquisition funnel for optimizing campaigns.

VuGraph API

vuPredict Smart Dynamic AI-Pricing

Our ai-pricing engine VuPredict lets our customers automatically optimize in real-time their product pricing, and promotions, based on a deep-learning engine that ingests all signals relevant to their pricing including transaction history, geo, local weather conditions, demand forecasting, trend analytics to deliver optimized dynamic ai-pricing that converts!

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